Friday, 21 October 2011

Unit 1- Crit Presentation

Crit Presentation 21/10/2011

Final Portrait

Maya Practice

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Final Portrait

This is my coloured final portrait. Right now I'm working on the background. :D

Life Drawing Week 4

Feet Studies

Film Review: 'The Company of Wolves'

Film Review: The Company of Wolves

Film Review: 'Splice'

Film Review: Splice

Film Review: 'The Fly' (1958)

Film Review: The Fly

More Development

I had to think of what kind of ears my creature should have and I came up with 2 ideas. I like the first idea of long ears, but I got some feedback saying that if sloths doesn't have ears at all, then they shouldn't be this long. I also wanted to try out a different posture, but I don't like it and I will stick to the original bent pose.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hybrid Development

After I had a rough idea of what my hybrid is going to look like working from the silhouette I started to paint some shading on the body and the face. Picture 1 shows the outcome. It’s just a figure with bear skin, which I didn’t like so I decided to add fur. I wasn’t sure how much I should draw so firstly I added some hair on the legs and arms (picture 2). I wanted to see what the hybrid would look like if it had fur on the entire body (picture 3) but I didn’t like it, the creature started to look more like a werewolf, and I definitely don’t want to go into that direction so I came back to the idea of fur covering just the legs and arms. I also wasn’t sure about the ears as sloths don’t have them, but the creature without ears didn’t look right to me so I decided to draw human ears that were deformed. I thought that it would make the hybrids hearing better? Picture 4 shows my final design with much more detail and the face expression.

Film Review- 'Elephant Man'

Elephant Man Film Review

Maya Practice



Film Review- 'Black Swan'

Black Swan Film Review

Sunday, 16 October 2011

@ Phil

Essay Introduction:

This essay will explore the ancient zoomorphism explaining which animals in hybrid creatures symbolize specific characteristics and personalities focusing on the mythical creatures: Minotaur, Harpy, Medusa and a Faun.  With a particular reference to:  Book ‘The Librbaby of Greek Mithology’ (2008) by Apollodorus and Robin Hard, Film ‘Minotaur’ (2006) by Jonathan English, Film ‘The Odyssey’ (1997) by Andrey Konchalovskiy, Book ‘The Odyssey’ (2003) by Homer, Peter Jones and E. V. Rieu, Book ‘Methamorphoses’ (2004) by Ovid, Denis Fenney and David Raeburn, Book ‘Zeus: A study in acient religion’ (2010) by Arthur Bernard Cook and ‘Narnia’ books by C. S Lewis.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


After I did my initial ideas one of my drawings reminded me of characters from 'Where The Wild Thing Are'. Where The Wild Things Are is a picture book made by Maurice Sendak in 1963 it was turned into a movie in 2009, the way that the characters are made in the film is very detailed and beautiful. I thought I could try to use these in my further development. I especially liked one of the characters, its face looks just like sloths as well as the pattern on fur and the paws. (picture below)

Self Portrait

Here I made a self portrait in Photoshop, and developed it. I did this to have a rough idea of a very skinny creature that will have my face. I will definitely change the face expression and maybe the shape of the head. Sloths doesn't have ears. Should I leave the human ones, get rid of them or come up with something totally new? :D  

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


After I produced few thumbnails I thought that the ones I like best I could take a bit further and turn them into silhouettes. (I forgot to number them) ):

I made some improvements to most of them. I really like number 6 (the last one on the bottom) but I know its lacking in sloths DNA and almost looks like a super hero, which I didn't intend to do, it looks cool but its not what I want my final creature to be like.  Still I like number 4 the best which I haven't improved at all yet. I might just focuse on that one image and develop it. Maybe I should add more fur?
 Quick a bit more detailed sketch of a possibility how the face could look like.


The first set of thumbnails show how the face of my hybrid could possibly look like. Some of them have more human features and other sloths. Im not sure about number 4. It looks a bit like a frog, and I definitely don't want to go in that direction. :D

When I was thinking of a human with sloths mentality, I thought that, the creature wouldn't get as much sleep as sloths do which would lead to some health problems, like weight loss and tiredness, possibly? So thumbnail number 1 shows a skinny human with its cheekbones sticking out and dark circles under the eyes.

Pages 2and 3 show some body postures, most of those sketches contain the face that I came up with earlier. I was experimenting with the body sizes a lot. Drawing number 4 shows a very tall and thin, almost athletic creature when sketch 10 is a fattie with short legs, that would barely move. I really like number 6 I thought that this creature is consumed by a lack of sleep, it kind of looks like Gollum from 'Lord Of The Rings'. I was taking to a consideration sloths unique fur, so for number 8 for a human posture I drawn hairy legs that made it look like a sphinx.

Life Drawing Week 3

This week our task was to get the human proportions right. Using charcoal we had to make 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes sketches.

Influence Map