Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hybrid Development

After I had a rough idea of what my hybrid is going to look like working from the silhouette I started to paint some shading on the body and the face. Picture 1 shows the outcome. It’s just a figure with bear skin, which I didn’t like so I decided to add fur. I wasn’t sure how much I should draw so firstly I added some hair on the legs and arms (picture 2). I wanted to see what the hybrid would look like if it had fur on the entire body (picture 3) but I didn’t like it, the creature started to look more like a werewolf, and I definitely don’t want to go into that direction so I came back to the idea of fur covering just the legs and arms. I also wasn’t sure about the ears as sloths don’t have them, but the creature without ears didn’t look right to me so I decided to draw human ears that were deformed. I thought that it would make the hybrids hearing better? Picture 4 shows my final design with much more detail and the face expression.


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  2. Hey, i really like that you picked this hybrid as your final image.

    I like that it looks slightly innocent in number 1-3 and then just by adding shading on her eyes and making them look at you it makes her look more evil!

    have a look at this it reminded me of an old game character.


    i found these eye's that i think would look really cool if its done right?


  3. Ooo Alice, I like these very much! I think that you should maybe reduce the ears a little as you did say sloths don't have them, and if you're going for all body hair then you should have some on your face somewhere. If you wanted a combination of hair and no hair then maybe leave the belly bear or have it quite sporadically around your body.

    It's really great though! Super creepy and I really like your expression too, very melancholic! :D