Sunday, 16 October 2011

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Essay Introduction:

This essay will explore the ancient zoomorphism explaining which animals in hybrid creatures symbolize specific characteristics and personalities focusing on the mythical creatures: Minotaur, Harpy, Medusa and a Faun.  With a particular reference to:  Book ‘The Librbaby of Greek Mithology’ (2008) by Apollodorus and Robin Hard, Film ‘Minotaur’ (2006) by Jonathan English, Film ‘The Odyssey’ (1997) by Andrey Konchalovskiy, Book ‘The Odyssey’ (2003) by Homer, Peter Jones and E. V. Rieu, Book ‘Methamorphoses’ (2004) by Ovid, Denis Fenney and David Raeburn, Book ‘Zeus: A study in acient religion’ (2010) by Arthur Bernard Cook and ‘Narnia’ books by C. S Lewis.

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  1. This assignment explores zoomorphism, and specifically the characteristics of the Minotaur, harpy, Medusa and faun. References include...

    ... Alice - you want to be able to say why you're looking at your particular references as you list them; for example, something like '... and the Narnia books by C.S Lewis, which feature many zoomorphic characters and evidence their continuing appeal.'

    You then need to outline the order of points you're going to raise, i.e. 'The discussion begins by analysing Ovid's epic poem to establish the origins of zoomorphic characters... etc. In conclusion, the assignment will seek to prove that...

    Put simply - everything in your introduction should be super-specific, should earn its place in the intro, and should prepare the reader for what is to come. That said, it is not unusual to rewrite your introduction AFTER you've written your conclusion, because often the writing of the essay itself reveals the actual argument, as distinct from the point you thought you were going to make when you began it!

    I'm pretty sure this feels awkward and fiddly now, but soon it won't.

    Good luck with the final week, Alice - make the most of it - 'keep calm and carry on'...