Wednesday, 5 October 2011


After I produced few thumbnails I thought that the ones I like best I could take a bit further and turn them into silhouettes. (I forgot to number them) ):

I made some improvements to most of them. I really like number 6 (the last one on the bottom) but I know its lacking in sloths DNA and almost looks like a super hero, which I didn't intend to do, it looks cool but its not what I want my final creature to be like.  Still I like number 4 the best which I haven't improved at all yet. I might just focuse on that one image and develop it. Maybe I should add more fur?
 Quick a bit more detailed sketch of a possibility how the face could look like.


  1. Love these!!! I especially like what you've done to the claws and hair :)

  2. Yep - love these silhouettes, Alice - a bit on the creepy side!