Wednesday, 5 October 2011


The first set of thumbnails show how the face of my hybrid could possibly look like. Some of them have more human features and other sloths. Im not sure about number 4. It looks a bit like a frog, and I definitely don't want to go in that direction. :D

When I was thinking of a human with sloths mentality, I thought that, the creature wouldn't get as much sleep as sloths do which would lead to some health problems, like weight loss and tiredness, possibly? So thumbnail number 1 shows a skinny human with its cheekbones sticking out and dark circles under the eyes.

Pages 2and 3 show some body postures, most of those sketches contain the face that I came up with earlier. I was experimenting with the body sizes a lot. Drawing number 4 shows a very tall and thin, almost athletic creature when sketch 10 is a fattie with short legs, that would barely move. I really like number 6 I thought that this creature is consumed by a lack of sleep, it kind of looks like Gollum from 'Lord Of The Rings'. I was taking to a consideration sloths unique fur, so for number 8 for a human posture I drawn hairy legs that made it look like a sphinx.

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  1. Hey Alice! You're 3rd thumbnail on the first sheet reminded me of the front cover of a magazine I have so I scanned it in for you :)

    I've got a video of character artist Bobby Chiu talking about how he came to this piece as well but I'll have to email it to you.