Tuesday, 8 November 2011


OGR Unit2 Space


  1. OGR 08/11/2011

    Hey Alice,

    You know what? I just don't think you're being imaginative or speculative enough yet! You've got a whole future civilisation to imagine! You need to play a game of 'what if?' For example, if the palace is porcelain, that might suggest that the rest of the architecture is similarly constructed. The point is that HG Wells 'doesn't' describe the city - which is gift to you as the concept artist - but also a challenge, because you've got fill in the blanks. Even though the Sphinx is given more detail, this is still the stuff of science-fiction, so embrace some more diverse influences: for example, your future could an 'art nouveau' future or an 'art deco' future or 'streamline moderne' - you might take influence from contemporary porcelain for your architectural forms...




    The same goes for that palace - it might be grand and conventional, or it might be quirkier, more 'imagineered', more 'futuristic'. The point about the Eloi is that they're elegant, poised, light, gentle, airy, and so maybe their world would reflect those values? Yes, you've got HG Wells words, but they are jumping off points and I think if you'd been commissioned to imagine a new version of The Time Machine, you'd be commissioned to take the vision of the story to a new, uncharted territory.

    Yes - that third scene is a challenge, but I like what's happening with thumbnail number 2 - I like the bold composition (but avoid that very central column - push it to the left or right - and if you want to create a sense of grandeur, keep the viewpoint low so that the height etc. is exaggerated. You might also want to research 'wunderkammers' for some fascinating influences for your museum space.

    Re. your assignment, you're 'off message' - here production design isn't a question of 'how they did it' - it's an issue of 'why they did it'. If you go down the road of talking about technology, you're going to write a very fact-based, descriptive account of 'what happened' and 'how things have changed' - what I want is for you to be able to talk about the colour systems in a particular film, or the design philosophy driving the look of the film - so an example of this is Caligari - obviously - because there is such a direct relationship between decisions made by the production designers and the experience of the audience; but likewise Alien - Giger's sexualised designs give the film a subtext that is somehow greater than the very basic plot. Don't talk about technology - it's the relationship between the production design and the themes/message/experience of the film I'm interested in.

  2. Hi Alice, don't forget to keep blogging your work. Would be interesting to see how your progressing :)

  3. Agreed - Alice, we've talked about this, right? There's no point in 'disappearing' from your own creative support network - it's a wasted opportunity.

    For your info:


  4. C'mon Alice, crit is right around the corner. Get your work up on the blog.