Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lady Gaga's Uncanny Valley

After we watched 'Suspiria' (1977) and talked about the use of artificial colours and fashion, I thought of Lady Gaga's music videos. I noticed the very strong use of uncanny, in the clothes she’s wearing, props and sets. Called a 'theatrical genius' Gaga is extremely individual, she likes to evoke different feelings in the audiences, she very often talks about things that are usually avoided like: being gay, sex, different views on the religion, mental problems, and just about being different from everyone else. She displays all this in very unusual way.
 'Paparazzi' (2009)

'Marry The Night' has the biggest impact on me. I thought of using a hospital scene for this project, and the way Gaga visualizes a psychiatrical hospital is very intriguing. I love the use of colours, and the set. Especially the third still from the video showing a big room with huge windows, long curtains and numbers of beds. I also found interesting the scene in a theatre with a stage like a ballet studio the use of lighting is especially unique. I really love Gaga’s differentness and she’s definitely the biggest influential subject for me in this project.

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