Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Film Review: ‘Suspiria’ (1977)

Film Review: ‘Suspiria’ (1977)

Young and talented girl, Susy moves out to Freiburg to study at the famous school of ballet. During her stay there the atmosphere is starting to get frightening, starting with a cruel murder of one of the students, through an attack of disgusting larvae’s, ending on the frightening and dreadful looks of the staff.  There is definitely something bad in the air.
Indeed, in film we are dealing with something evil- the evil seems even worse when we get to find out that it’s something that no one has seen and only shows up from the unexpectedly, and hides under the image of normal people. The main character just in time realizes that there is something unusual going on at the school. Her worries become even more realistic after she hears the story of her closest friend Sarah who confesses that she knows much more.
The Director Dario Argento made the visual side of the film spectacular. He builds the suspense of the film in gradual series of murders. The film contains soundtrack made by a band ‘Goblin’ that cause the mystery and somehow makes the film have a bit of a fairy tale feeling in it, but also gives the mood of an incoming danger. "Argento's skilful use of unsettling, intense colour and stunning set designs adequately obscure the film's numerous structural flaws." (Film4, 2008) The thing that stays in mind is the extraordinary stenography, which is full of intensive colours, especially bloody red. “Shooting on bold, very fake-looking sets, he uses bright primary colours and stark lines to create a campy, surreal atmosphere, and his distorted camera angles and crazy lighting turn out to be much more memorable than the carnage.” (Maslin, 1977). Maslin suggests that all the colours used in the film are extremely artificial and unreal like for example the blood which has that very bright vibrant colour almost like an acrylic paint.


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