Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ideas for the final scene

I Decided to mainly focus on the colour in my scenes. As an influence I took Lady Gaga music videos, and films: 'Suspiria' and 'The Shining'. They all use very bright vibrant colours. I love the patterns on the walls and floors used in 'The Shining', they give a feeling of being in a maze, and I thought it will suit my scene well.

 I also decided to use some religious patterns. I went for a stained glass window from a church. Even thought its very bright and colour full, it gives me a very unsure feeling. One of the reasons that I decided to use this is because Lady Gaga has a very strong sense of religion and she usually shows it in her music videos.
After I did my initial thumbnails I liked two scenes in particular. The first scene is of a room in a mental hospital. I used patterns from film 'The Shining'  in 50's, 60's style.

The second scene is something I imagine Lady Gaga would go for. Whilst I was doing my research I have read about 'field hospitals' that were created during the war, a lot of them were placed in churches.


  1. These are looking stunning Alice!!! :) I love the reflection in the last and the colours are amazing!!

  2. Hey Alice - really like concept number 2 - the hospital! :)