Monday, 20 February 2012

Character Designs

The Pianist

After getting feedback from Phil I decided to follow his suggestion and change my character designs from cartoony to more realistic. I have looked at several photographs of Vintage era, and decided to do my character designs in style of fashion illustration.
Image 1 shows a drawing done in pencil that took me quite a long time, I decided to change my technique and use only a black fountain pen.

The Clown
I haven't done different designs of the clown/ mime as he is a very simple character and I like the initial idea of him below. 


  1. Hey Alice! I really like number 5, but I also really like the first one with the bit of hair on his forehead, maybe you could try and simplify him into the illustrative and simple black ink line technique?

  2. yep - number 5 - he looks elegant and classy.