Sunday, 12 February 2012

Story Idea 2

   In an old theatre in a small city, everyday there are artists performing to entertain local people. The shows are very popular and a lot of people come to watch actors performing dramas, musicians having concerts or clowns just simply making people laugh. But one day when the entertainers come to the theatre they find out that it’s going to be demolished and in its place there will be a new super store build.  Most of the performers go home without any hope. The only that are left are the clown and the pianist.

   They decide to perform in the theatre for free trying to gather as many people as they can to stop the demolishing of the building.  As the days pass, there is more and more parts of the building missing. On the final day of demolition, there is just a stage left without the roof or the walls. The clown and the pianist give people their last performance for which the whole city came to see. After the show and the huge applause everyone becomes quiet, and the faces of the clown and the pianist become very sad.

   Suddenly from the crowd a little boy runs on the stage and points in a direction for the two performers to look at. He points at the the park.  At the same moment, a new stage built by the citizens appears in the light of colourful little lamps. The pianist and the clown smiles again. 

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