Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Story Idea

1930’s- Small Town in France
·         Young boy with fascination watches a TV program about circus. The view from the screen is reflecting on his circular glasses.

·         On the way back from school the boy walks past an old building surrounded by a fence with a ‘no entry’ sign. As he is a boy curious of the world, he decides to cross the fence and enter the building. Inside he discovers a huge room with a stage just like in a theatre. In the middle of the stage there is standing an old grand piano.

·         Boy visits the place every day gathering some things that usual people would think of as garbage. On the stage he places some Christmas tree lights or colorful pieces of fabric he gradually makes the place look like a circus.
·         Every day as he visits the place and brings more things with him he has some adventures in his child’s imagination.
·         One day he imagines that he is on the stage dressed up as a clown riding a monocycle, but in reality he is just wearing an old cylinder hat and has a tennis ball attached to his nose, his clumsiness leads to falling off the stage.
·         Another day he is playing a weightlifter and manages to pick up not just one grand piano but 3! But really no matter how hard he tries he can’t move the piano even one bit.
·         Boy is a lion tamer and trains the big cat in front of the crowd, with the lights pointing at him, he makes the cat jump through the circle of fire. In reality he is just playing with a stray kitten that found a shelter in the old building.
·         One day the boy runs with excitement holding a glass bottle of milk, he is going to his imaginary circus again. When he arrives behind the fence the building is gone. It was destroyed and all there is left is just ruins. The boy drops the bottle of milk that smashes in to small pieces.


  1. Very nice story, I like the idea. Especially the childish illusion. Reminds me of the beginning of Toy Story 3.

  2. Hi Alice- it's Jackie here...I am supporting Tom. Please could you drop by on his blog,have a look at his initial script ideas, and leave some feedback... I will make sure he does the same for you! :) Thank you!

  3. so cute yet so sad :( I love that most of the story focuses on his fun, cute adventurous side. It makes you feel more sorry for him at the end

  4. Hey Alice - hey! Apologies for making you wait even longer than I said I would! It was just one of those days, so thanks for being patient. There is lots I like very much about this story - though I think you've got lots and lots to convey in the middle section, though through some very economic set-ups you might be able to convey some/all of it. That said, I'm not sure about the ending - even though I love the ending being so sad - and it does feel as if the clown aspect doesn't feature as heavily as it could do. The shock of the ending is good - but i wonder what it leaves the audience with?

    As I'm writing, I'm having some ideas about the demolition of an old theatre - an old variety-style theatre - the sort that has lots of different acts - clowns, piano recitals, dancers etc. What I really like about your idea is the melancholy and the idea of dreams ending and nostalgia, so how about you story takes place in a theatre that is being taken apart bit by bit - closed for business - making way for a new supermarket or multi-story carpark - and your story deals with the last performers who refuse to leave it - an old clown and a pianist, for example - and maybe they decide to do one last show - even as the wrecking ball is looming; maybe they could do something to stop it, or maybe it's just a sad story about change and time and the old being wiped away by the new?

    Some images:





    It reminds me a little of the Titanic - there was the band that continued to play, even as the ship was sinking:


    Anyway - see what you think.