Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OGR Unit 5

OGR Unit 5 Pt 1

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  1. OGR 20/03/2012

    Hey Alice,

    Really pleased to see you've resolved this story - and I love the ending - with the matchbox undoing its sulk and then the happy birthday music coming in to finish things off. In truth, I don't have much too add, and you don't yet have your Part 2 on here, but I can see from your visual references (the howler, for example) that you're feeling more confident in regard to how you might bring life to your matchbook. The idea that it blows out the candles after lighting them is nice too. I'm showing this animation to pretty much everyone:


    It's just a really dynamic example of how to use the white space and three-dimensionality of your drawings to push the camera all the way around your story. Often students choose a mid-distance shot for their animations - rather like how an audience would see a story on a stage - because this staging is 'easier' to imagine in the abstract, but I really want you to consider dynamic use of 'camera' and pov, and use a variety of shot-types and compositions in order to get your story told; make sure you move through space too in order to tell your story - moving towards, away and around your objects.

    When you know what you're writing about etc., let me know.