Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Commission Initial Idea

After watching ‘Fantastic Voyage’ I got a sudden inspiration of what I want to do for this project. In the film I really liked the way the inside of the human body was shown in particular the colours. They were prismatic and bright I immediately thought of the intro for Lady Gaga’s music video ‘Born This Way’. I love the uniqueness of Gaga she is a very inspirational figure for me.

Researching the style of the music Video I found out about an artist called Bart Hess who is combining material studies with his animation and photography creating something very unique and striking.  Hess was working on some of Gaga’s photo shoots.

There is another artist Keith Reesor who is working in a very similar way. He is a self thought digital artist. I love his work its very abstract, and I think that it fits in well with this projects subject. 

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