Friday, 11 May 2012

Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin was an American artist who has worked mainly with fluorescent light. Flavin first showed an interest in fluorescent light in 1961, the same year he began to work on his "Icons" series. In the "Icons" series, incandescent and fluorescent blubs are attached to shallow, square box forms, often made of various materials such as wood, Formica, or Masonite. In 1963, Flavin began working with fluorescent light alone, as seen in his Diagonal of Personal Ecstasy (the Diagonal of May 25, 1963), where Flavin positioned a fluorescent light at a diagonal on a gallery wall.

I really like the idea of the reflection on the floor, it gives a depth to the image and I will consider using this method in my own animation.


  1. :-D - What's great about Flavin, is that he uses the flourescent lights to distort to the environment around the lights, as opposed to altering a space entirely.

    It'd be interesting if you could apply this philosphy to your animation. Using neon strips to create unusual or forced perspectives. It could be quite mind bending.

  2. yum! :)

    Make this rock, Alice - do whatever it takes!!!!!

  3. Girl, check your info! Respect the artists!