Sunday, 6 May 2012

Electronica Music Video

I decided to do my animation in a music video style. Phil has sent me some interesting examples of how music interacts with animation. I loved the idea, and decided to use it. I have been searching for the right track that would be royalty free but, couldn’t find anything suitable, so I went into GarageBand and tried to make my own, but as I have never used it before I couldn't get the quality I wanted. I was thinking of other options and the only thing I had left to do is to find an artist that would let me use his music. I emailed an artist from Rival Consoles who’s music perfectly fits into my theme. The next day I got a reply from him saying that he’s into animation too and it’s ok for me to use it.

This is the track that I chose to use. Rival Consoles official website

This is an example of a music video, in which style I want to do my animation.

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