Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Character Design: Poseidon Final Face

This is Villains final face design, I wanted to make him look more interesting and not generic that's why I went against few rules that apply to Greek Gods, like making things unsymmetrical. Also I have decided that not having pupils is making him more evil and much less human.

These are two sketches which from i had to choose my final one. In the end I decided to go for number one as number two even thought his beard and hair are maid of sea foam he doesn't look as villainous as the first one. Even thought this is the final face design, I am still going to develop it, I'm very excited to create the rest of the body and things like interesting clothing and props! :D

Monday, 26 November 2012

Character Design: Size Comparison

Now when I finally decided on my three characters I started to think about their size. Sidekick's full form is a full size horse, I have looked at some photographs of people riding horses to see how much bigger the horse needs to be from the hero, the other form of the sidekick is a seahorse enclosed in a palm size object. The hero is a young boy he is quite tall and skinny, very ordinary looking. The Villain had to be much taller from the hero, so that he shows the superiority above all the other creatures.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Character Design: Sidekick

Side Kick- A mythical creature enclosed in a magic crystal ball. The creature has two incarnations one is of a sea horse inside the ball, and the second of a full size mythical half horse half fish monster, the seahorse will only transform when the boy is in serious trouble. (Its really helpful as the boy cant swim)

This is a very first influence map for the sidekick, I have looked at photographs of seahorses and existing mythical horses.
These are few rough sketches of the sidekick. No 2 is much different from the rest. Its much more cartoony, I'm very unsure about it as it looks too Disney and I am trying to stay away from the Disney to try create something more original.
I have taken out a sketch of sidekicks prop from my previous post, to show what I have in mind. I was thinking of the sidekick to be in form of something like a Genie from 'Aladdin'. I am still not entirely sure if it is a good idea, as some may say that the sidekick should be more involved in the plot, not just swimming in a crystal ball occasionally transforming onto its other form.
This is roughly what I'm imagining the other incarnation of the sidekick to be like. I will need to develop it a bit further as this design is a bit too generic.

Character Design: Costumes

For the characters costumes I had to combine Pirate, and mythic Greek outfits, which turned out to be rather hard! My villain is just a Greek God so it was much easier to come up with his costume, i used simple Greek toga and added some details which are objects that can be found on the bottom of the sea. For the Pirate I was trying to take few bits out of each genre. I quite like the outcome of outfits 1 and 4. I will need to push them a bit further and try to develop them. (:
I haven't drawn the props on the body as I wanted to concentrate more on the detail.

Blocking out body shapes.

I decided to base my Villain on Greek sculptures. I knew that his body needs to be very muscular, and as i never drew a body shape like this before I decided to practice. I started of researching photographs, and I found a perfect one to base the body features of Poseidon (I apologise for the nudeness)When I started to draw, firstly I used squares to block out the muscles and body features, then I went over it with pencil and added details.
I have also done some more poses for my Hero.The body shape is still not final, I will need to make him much less muscular.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Character Design: Target Audience Research

The genre of my character designs is adventure, fantasy and mystery, I based it on the two words I got which were: mythic and pirates. I have looked in more depth at films with similar genre. The first film that came to my mind is Disney's 'Treasure Planet' (2002) the story also involves pirate adventures. The film is based on the very well known novel 'Treasure Island' except that everything happens in the outer space with mechanical cyborgs and ships, which makes the basic story much more interesting visually. Films category is U, which means suitable for all and should be appropriate for audiences aged four years and over.

Another film that I have looked at is  'Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief' (2010) which tells a story of a teenager who discovered he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between gods. This film also fits the genre I'm working in very well. It's all about adventure, mythic Gods and mystery. The film was categorised as PG (Parental Guidance) which means general viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for younger children, film should not disturb a child aged around 8 or older.
At first I couldn't decide what category would be the most appropriate for my characters but after looking at 'Treasure Planet' and 'Percy Jackson & the Lighting Thief' I decided to go for PG as my story contains a lot of fighting scenes and violence that might be inappropriate for children below age of 8.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Character Design: Villain

My Villain is an existing very well known character, which is the God Poseidon. I have looked at few different digital paintings and roman sculptures to help me create my own designs. I am aiming to create an original character, but I know it has to have features of a roman statue. I have noticed that most of the sculptures of that character are perfectly proportional, muscular, and they hold an object that symbolizes power ( a Triton). I will need to adapt those features to my character design.
I  started thinking about what the body shape needs to be like. I haven't drawn a lot of muscular characters in the past, and if i don't practice and get to understand the anatomy I will struggle. Firstly I have looked at Leonardo da Vinci's human body diagram, and based my drawing below on it, adding some more muscle. Next I will need to start blocking out muscular shapes on a piece of paper as we learnt in the lessons using square shapes.

Character Design Development: Hero

I was thinking of different hairstyles suitable for my hero. I tried out different things, even dreadlocks (thumbnail 6) which didn't turn out very well. I was mainly thinking of a rebellious, messy look, and a thumbnail that I'm the happiest with is number 4. After drawing it few people pointed out that it looks like someones hair of Star Wars, even thought I decided to go with it! (:

I also did these 2 drawings that show the side of hero's face, just to see what I could come up with. I think, I will go for number 2. I still need to apply a lot of changes to it. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Face Expressions: Hero

These are the face expressions of my Hero character. Few drawings are a bit different in eyes from others, I think its because I haven't practiced drawing the original character enough to get every proportion the same.I am still going to develop the boy, and I will probably make another expression sheet.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Prop Designs

These are my first prop designs for my three characters. For the hero I have been looking at existing pirate props (thumbnails 1 and 2) I thought they were very boring, and because my theme is Mythic Pirates I decided to change them a bit and basically make them look cooler! :D I really like the outcome  of thumbnails 4 and 7, to create the swords I looked at some objects that can be found in the sea, like a shark tusk. I have also included a skull which is an obvious pirate symbol.
As my sidekick is supposed to be held in an object, I looked at music boxes and snow globes. Again i have taken referenced from the sea animals and plants. I am still unsure which thumbnails I like the most so I am going to do some more of them, and maybe try different shapes.
Last But not least is the Villains prop, he is the god of the sea, and its obvious that Poseidon possesses a trident. I have researched them a bit further and they all seem to look very similar, so instead of choosing a very basic shape I tried to spicy it up a bit, I think the most successful is number 3. 

Character Design Development

I was experimenting with different possible body postures for my hero. I think I am going to go for numbers 4 and 8, as my hero is a young and athletic boy. I also developed the faces from my last post, and I really like number 3, I have taken the thumbnail a bit further and changed the hair which is shown on thumbnail 6. The last drawing is what i roughly imagine my hero, I still have a lot to think of like costumes and props. (: