Sunday, 18 November 2012

Character Design: Sidekick

Side Kick- A mythical creature enclosed in a magic crystal ball. The creature has two incarnations one is of a sea horse inside the ball, and the second of a full size mythical half horse half fish monster, the seahorse will only transform when the boy is in serious trouble. (Its really helpful as the boy cant swim)

This is a very first influence map for the sidekick, I have looked at photographs of seahorses and existing mythical horses.
These are few rough sketches of the sidekick. No 2 is much different from the rest. Its much more cartoony, I'm very unsure about it as it looks too Disney and I am trying to stay away from the Disney to try create something more original.
I have taken out a sketch of sidekicks prop from my previous post, to show what I have in mind. I was thinking of the sidekick to be in form of something like a Genie from 'Aladdin'. I am still not entirely sure if it is a good idea, as some may say that the sidekick should be more involved in the plot, not just swimming in a crystal ball occasionally transforming onto its other form.
This is roughly what I'm imagining the other incarnation of the sidekick to be like. I will need to develop it a bit further as this design is a bit too generic.

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