Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Character Design: Villain

My Villain is an existing very well known character, which is the God Poseidon. I have looked at few different digital paintings and roman sculptures to help me create my own designs. I am aiming to create an original character, but I know it has to have features of a roman statue. I have noticed that most of the sculptures of that character are perfectly proportional, muscular, and they hold an object that symbolizes power ( a Triton). I will need to adapt those features to my character design.
I  started thinking about what the body shape needs to be like. I haven't drawn a lot of muscular characters in the past, and if i don't practice and get to understand the anatomy I will struggle. Firstly I have looked at Leonardo da Vinci's human body diagram, and based my drawing below on it, adding some more muscle. Next I will need to start blocking out muscular shapes on a piece of paper as we learnt in the lessons using square shapes.

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