Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Prop Designs

These are my first prop designs for my three characters. For the hero I have been looking at existing pirate props (thumbnails 1 and 2) I thought they were very boring, and because my theme is Mythic Pirates I decided to change them a bit and basically make them look cooler! :D I really like the outcome  of thumbnails 4 and 7, to create the swords I looked at some objects that can be found in the sea, like a shark tusk. I have also included a skull which is an obvious pirate symbol.
As my sidekick is supposed to be held in an object, I looked at music boxes and snow globes. Again i have taken referenced from the sea animals and plants. I am still unsure which thumbnails I like the most so I am going to do some more of them, and maybe try different shapes.
Last But not least is the Villains prop, he is the god of the sea, and its obvious that Poseidon possesses a trident. I have researched them a bit further and they all seem to look very similar, so instead of choosing a very basic shape I tried to spicy it up a bit, I think the most successful is number 3. 

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