Friday, 6 December 2013

Design Develpment

30 St' Mary Axe (The Gherkin), London

  • Height to top of dome: 179.8 m
  • Height to highest occupied floor level: 167.1 m
  • Number of floors above ground: 40
  • Number of basement levels: single basement across whole site
  • Largest floor external diameter (lvl 17): 56.15 m
  • Site area: 0.57 hectares (1.4 acres)
  • Net accommodations areas:
    • Office 46,450 m2
    • Retail 1,400 m2

  • The shape of the tower is influenced by the physical environment of the city.
  • The smooth flow of wind around the building was one of the main considerations.
  • A net office floor area within the building of around 500,000 ft2 (46,450 m2).
  • The enhancement of the public environment at street level, opening up new views across the site to the frontages of the adjacent buildings and allowing good access to and around the new development.
  • Minimum impact on the local wind environment.
  • Maximum use of public transport for the occupants of the building.
  • Flexibly serviced, high specification ‘user-friendly’ column free office spaces with maximum primary space adjacent to natural light.
  • Good physical and visual interconnectivity between floors.
  • Reduced energy consumption by use of natural ventilation whenever suitable, low fa├žade heat gain and smart building control systems. 




Friday, 29 November 2013

Chihuly Designs part 2

I have made a decision to stick to Chihuly as the only artist i will study from now on. I have created few more water colour designs. I will soon focus on the most successful design, develop it a little bit more and then take it in to Maya. 

This is a quick concept of what I intend to do with this project. I would like to put my design into a realistic space. Last weekend I went to London where I have taken a lot of footage and photographs that will be used in my final piece.  

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Klimt Patterns and Materials

I created an influence map that shows different patterns that Klimt uses in his paintings, and a quick gold test in maya

Here is a quick material test in maya of a rusty gold dome. It doesn't look the way I would like texture in the final piece to look like but now I know what I will need to keep in mind next time.  

I have found a very useful tutorial on materials. My golden dome doesn't look very realistic so I decided to research a way to create a better looking material. I will definitely use this when  I get to start creating my building. (:

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Jewelry in style of Klimt

When I was researching I came across few jewelry pieces that were inspired by Klimt. I thought they would be very useful for my project. I really like how the shapes and materials were adapted, I also included a dining set as I really like the pattern with the golden outline. 

Gustav Klimt

 The next artist i picked up is Gustav Klimt, at first I was a bit worried about adapting his style as its very painterly and classical. After researching a bit more into his paintings I noticed that they are not all about portraying a female body, they also contain beautiful patterns and textures. There is a pattern of gold in each piece of work, which already gives me an idea of what a building could look like. Another thing I noticed is that that the background colours are usually simple, and all the detail is done in red and gold paint which makes it stand out a lot. I'm very exited to start sketching my ideas. (:  

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Concepts With Paint

Here are few concepts I created using watercolours. I think they all look great, and I had a great time creating them.  I know I wouldn't be able to achieve all these shapes in Photoshop. Hopefully its still clear what famous buildings I was focusing on too. For Chihuly's style I thought that modern structures will look better. The last image was created with crayons but I felt like it wasn't very successfully, It was still good to try it out and see how it works (:  I think that I have done enough with Chihuly and will start researching another artist.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Chihuly in more depth.

I was suggested that in order to create my drawn designs I should look at Chihuly's paintings. I didn't realise that Chihuly was also an incredible painter, and how much the paintings resemble the glass sculptures.  I have researched his paintings and created influence maps to help me understand his way of thinking. 

The problem with my last designs was using Chihulys existing work and just stacking it on top of the buildings. I need to start thinking of how Chihuly would design the Clock for the 'Big Ben' or a building like 'Coit Tower'.  For the drawing I did of the 'Big Ben' , I was looking at the design in more detail, I'm still not completely satisfied with it as it seems like the shape of the building doesn't match the style I'm trying to recreate. Chihuly's style is more organic and doesn't contain many sharp edges. I think that some of the buildings might just simply not work well with the style of Chihuly. I need to experiment a lot with different structures until I get one that will look right. 

 This is another design that I did. I was trying to recreate Chihulys paintings by being rougher, using quicker strokes and splashes of paint. After this I decided to leave Photoshop for now and try out drawing on paper, see if that works out better.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maya Experiment: Coloured Glass

 I thought I would do a little Maya experiment, and think of how I can create a coloured realistic looking glass that could be used for adapting Chihuly's style.  I found this really useful tutorial on youtube, that helped me to achieve that. To make it look more interesting I modeled snail shell shapes. I think the outcome looks beautiful! :D

Here is the tutorial I used just in case anyone else would like to learn this.

Glass Buildings in style of Chihuly

I'm just in a process of gathering peoples favourite artists and buildings and I thought I will start off with mine. Dave Chihuly is one of my favourite artists and defiantly number one sculptor. Its hard not to love Chihuly's beautiful glass forms. The organic shapes and neon colours all put together create extraordinary pieces of art that imitate an environment looking like from another world. I thought It would be interesting to adapt his creations and ask the question 'What is Chihuly were to design a famous tower'? 


To start adapting the artists and the buildings I had to do a few little studies of both, here are just few little painting that I have created to prepare myself (:

Fig. 1
Fig 2.

After this I wend ahead and experimented with combing the two, this is what I got so far...

 Fig. 3
Fig. 4

I must say that I'm very happy with Fig. 3, I think it makes a lot of sense and its very clear what building I adapted too. I will be experimenting with Chihuly's style a bit more for the next couple of days. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Minor, Idea Change

I would like to adapt the idea of ‘what if’ scenarios focusing on well-known artists and buildings. I will be creating a number of digital paintings that answer the ‘what if question’ for example ‘What if Guadi designed Big Ben’, then I will take the most successful one into Maya . I would like the final outcome to still look like the original building, so that the audience can guess what piece of architecture it is.

The artists that I want to look into are:
Babara Hepworth
Rene Lalique

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Minor Project Idea- Environment Design

Type of project: Environment Design 

Area of study: Realistic Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Animation 

Potential Idea: Adapting Lebbeus Woods idea of creating architecture from existing unusual shapes/ pieces. I aim to create a 3D Environment with designed pieces of architecture build of Art Deco jewellery. (Shapes, patterns, colours, materials) I love the idea that building designs might not be possible to be created in real life but the beauty of 3D modeling and visualisation will allow me make it look as if it was real. 

Outcome: I'm planning to create an extraordinary, full 3D environment with a lot of concept pieces and building designs in detail. I want the environment to look as realistic as possible, with focus on modeling, texturing and lighting. The set will also contain animated elements. 

Goal: I would like to improve my skills in modeling, texturing and lighting, in a previous project I had few problems with judging the scale of objects, this time I will try to spend more time in that field making sure I don't make any mistakes. I will also try to keep my blog up to date more, so that I get valuable feedback!