Monday, 28 January 2013

Tiffany Early Designs

Early designs of Tiffany, I have tried out two different things. I still can decide if she will be more realistic of cartoony looking. I have taken the reference from random photographs found on deviantart.

Aching's Farm Early Designs

I started some sketches of possible house for my character. I need to keep in mind that its a fantasy story so I need to make the farm have a bit of that magical feeling. I really like the idea of the house being build out of stone rather then wood. I am very excited to develop these ideas! (:

Influence Maps

I have created these influence maps to help me with my designs. Firstly I have researched into the artists that Phil suggested for the style. I really love the colours used and the beautiful composition of the paintings. Then I looked into different types of cottages, which will be really helpful as I am planning on combining different styles to create my own unique one. Last influence map shows photographs and painting that I like and somehow remind me of Tiffany.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Adaptation Idea

For the adaptation project I thought of creating a character and a simple environment. I wanted to pick something in a Fantasy genre. I started thinking about the books I have read in the past, and finally decided on Terry Pratchett's 'The Wee Free Men'.  It tells a story of a young girl Tiffany and her adventures.

'Tiffany sets out to rescue her baby brother, who has been kidnapped by the Queen of Fairyland, armed only with an iron frying pan and a book of sheep diseases, and accompanied by the brawling, boisterous Nac Mac Feegle. But more than her brother is at stake. This Fairyland is not the nice kind, full of buttercups and Tinkerbelles; it is a place of endless winter where nightmares come true, and where a person can be trapped in a dream forever. And it is encroaching on Discworld, threatening to absorb it.'

I really wanted to go for Mark Ryden's  striking and unusual style. I have always been following his art, and it has been inspiring me throughout the years. I think it would be very exciting if i adapted his style to my character design! This is an influence map with some of his paintings.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Final Sidekick Designs

This is the third and final Character (Hero's sidekick). Its a mythical and fantasy creature so i thought of using a lot of bright colours after trying few things out I finally went for red and gold, which gave the character a lot of liveliness. I'm very satisfied with the final outcome, I have applied the colours and texture to the full form of the Seahorse first and then adapted it to the form locked in a crystal ball. (:

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Villain Face Expressions

Finished Poseidon Face Expressions!

Sidekick Development and Face Expressions

This is the development and final design of the sidekick. I have started with finishing the design of the full sidekick for and then applied its features to the other form inclosed in a crystal ball. I'm very happy with the final outcome. :D
 Sidekick Mythic Sea Horse: Face Expressions
Sidekick Sea Horse: Face Expressions