Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pitch Presentation

Adaptation Pitch Presentation by

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  1. Hey Alice :)

    Okay - some additional references that might prove useful.

    English windmills!


    In terms of quaint, very english cottages, anything in Devonshire is going to fit the bill - Devonshire rural architecture is synonymous with 'quaint'...




    There's a category of art - looked down upon by most artists - known as 'chocolate box art' - which denotes the sort of overly sentimental, overtly nostaligic view of the countryside etc... You may want to familiarise yourself with the category, because the world you're seeking to create is indeed a bit 'chocolate box' - so use the associations knowingly:


    As expressed, your little girl is going to be clever balance of 'adorable' and 'spunky' - and I think the too-wide-eyed approach could make her too 'passive' and girly-wirly - it will be an issue of balance, but here are some additional references that may help clarify her still further:


    Check out the photographs too of Walker Evans - obviously all these references are American, so you'll want to be careful in regard to design.

    Another artist who depicts a 'chocolate box' view of England is William Adolphe-Bouguereau, who also depicted lots of 'English rose' style girls... take a look :)