Friday, 1 March 2013

Achings Farm Finished Concept

I spent the day on trying to paint a landscape for Achings Farm using colours seen in  Studio Ghibli's animation and impressionistic paintings. Firstly I finished farm's concept and then looked at landscapes found in England. I really enjoyed myself using all the bright lovely colours! (:


  1. Evening Alice; I can't wait for the real sun to shine! I'd just say that I think your roof tiles are a bit too red - and you might think about just warming up the stone tone a bit, because your farmhouse looks like it's come from a slightly different world at the moment.

  2. Yes - absolutely loving the colours in this piece. It feels very un-CG to me. Which is a good thing! :D

    Though I wonder if there could be a path which runs all the way through the image? Something which leads our eye more naturally to the farm.

    Perhaps, some hedgerows and fences as well to add extra visual interest? For example, the countryside is full of 'lines' like these, both natural and man made.

  3. The landscape concept is beautiful and the texture of the piece is brilliant :)