Monday, 22 April 2013

Finished Model of Tiffany

Finally updating my blog! Sorry everyone for a long absence. Here it is, finished and posed model of Tiffany. (: Here are few screenshots and renders to show my progression.

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  1. Hey Alice, I'm just reiterating here what we talked about in the office about considering ways to really work into Tiffany's costume to dial down some of its crisp 'cg-ness' and therefore think about it in a much practical sense - i.e. this is an outfit that's scene a few adventures; dirt and grime would certainly gather around the hem, because she's always be kneeling in the dust and by the side of rivers etc. I think it highly likely that the dress would be darned and stitch where the hem of it got caught on brambles and tore. I think there'd be grass stains too etc. Right now, you've got the basic outfit ready, but now you need to age and distress it to bring it in line with the reality of your character. Time to have some fun really - and to think like Tiffany :)