Friday, 10 May 2013

Maya tutorials from start to finish

Dynamics 1: Particles, Emitters & Forces

Sketching Particles: Clouds

Directional Emitter: Explosion

Curve Emitter: Shockwave

Volume Emitter: Smoke

Curve Emitter: Fireworks 1

Curve Emitter: Water Foam

Curve Flow: Motion Path Dynamics

Emit from particles (Fireworks2)

Emit from surface 1 (Barrel)

Emit from surface 2 (Can Dissolve)

Active Passive Rigid Bodies (Bowling Alley)

Particle Collision (Metal Objects Sparks)

Instancing Part 2: Scale Control (Bubbles)

Instancing Part 7: Aim Direction (Rockets)

Instancing Part 10: Animation Cycles (Fish)

Goals Part 1: Mud Drop

Goals Part 2: Controlled Mud Drop
Sprites: Pixie Dust

Active / Passive Bodies: Stand In Object (Chain Links)

Active / Passive Bodies: Pin Constraint (Earing)

Soft Bodies Part 1: Flesh

Soft Bodies Part 3: Snow

Soft Bodies Part 4: Water

Soft Bodies Part 5: Bubbles

NCloth Part 1: Flags (Ncloth, Collider, & Nucleus)

NCloth Part 3: Bouncy Castle (Cache Blending)

NCloth Part 5: Custom Presets & Component to Component Constraint (Balloons)

NCloth Part 6: Tearable Surface Constraint (Marbles)

NCloth Part 7: Weld Adjacent Borders Constraint (Candy Bag)

Lighting & Rendering 2: Intro to Mental Ray

Mental Ray: Transitioning for Maya Software to Mental Ray
Maya Software Render
Maya Mentalray Render

Mental Ray: Optimisation

Mental Ray: Motion Blur Methods

Mental Ray: Depth of Field Methods - Part 1

Mental Ray: Depth of Field Methods - Part 2

Mental Ray: Displacement

Mental Ray: Global Illumination

Mental Ray: Mia_material_x
Mental Ray: Physical Sun & Sky

Mental Ray: Portal Lights 
Mental Ray: HDR Images Part 2 (HDR Gallery Rendering) 

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  1. Hi - see link! :)

  2. Hi Alice,

    Here is a brief introduction to Linear workflow. As I said you can also render out as sRGB instead of .EXR if needed.