Thursday, 26 September 2013

Minor Project Idea- Environment Design

Type of project: Environment Design 

Area of study: Realistic Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Animation 

Potential Idea: Adapting Lebbeus Woods idea of creating architecture from existing unusual shapes/ pieces. I aim to create a 3D Environment with designed pieces of architecture build of Art Deco jewellery. (Shapes, patterns, colours, materials) I love the idea that building designs might not be possible to be created in real life but the beauty of 3D modeling and visualisation will allow me make it look as if it was real. 

Outcome: I'm planning to create an extraordinary, full 3D environment with a lot of concept pieces and building designs in detail. I want the environment to look as realistic as possible, with focus on modeling, texturing and lighting. The set will also contain animated elements. 

Goal: I would like to improve my skills in modeling, texturing and lighting, in a previous project I had few problems with judging the scale of objects, this time I will try to spend more time in that field making sure I don't make any mistakes. I will also try to keep my blog up to date more, so that I get valuable feedback! 



  1. Hey Alice,

    I've been thinking a bit more about your project ideas - and I was reminded of the speed paint challenges I ran over the summer for a while - the 'what if?' series - which wondered how particular artists might design other sorts of things: for example, 'What if Barbara Hepworth design a city?' or 'What If Picasso Designed a Theme Park?'

    see link:

    I'm wondering if something as 'simple' as this idea might be an interesting way to get you thinking about designing some extraordinary spaces and structures, that would also connect to some existing language or aesthetic - but would give you plenty of room for concept art stuff?

    For example - 'What if Kandinsky Designed A Skyscraper?' or 'What if Gaudi Had Designed Big Ben?'

    Maybe your project could imagine what happens if different sorts of artists/designers were given jobs as architects? For example, 'What sort of structures would Rene Lalique design?' You could create an entire series of designs/paintings/architectural visions based on these sorts of 'What If?' questions, and then choose one to take forward into Maya... Could be very exciting!

    1. Thank you soooo much for this concept Phil. I love it!
      I was stuck with developing my idea on Friday and I was briefly considering changing it to character design. Now I'm excited about creating environment again! (: