Friday, 18 October 2013

Chihuly in more depth.

I was suggested that in order to create my drawn designs I should look at Chihuly's paintings. I didn't realise that Chihuly was also an incredible painter, and how much the paintings resemble the glass sculptures.  I have researched his paintings and created influence maps to help me understand his way of thinking. 

The problem with my last designs was using Chihulys existing work and just stacking it on top of the buildings. I need to start thinking of how Chihuly would design the Clock for the 'Big Ben' or a building like 'Coit Tower'.  For the drawing I did of the 'Big Ben' , I was looking at the design in more detail, I'm still not completely satisfied with it as it seems like the shape of the building doesn't match the style I'm trying to recreate. Chihuly's style is more organic and doesn't contain many sharp edges. I think that some of the buildings might just simply not work well with the style of Chihuly. I need to experiment a lot with different structures until I get one that will look right. 

 This is another design that I did. I was trying to recreate Chihulys paintings by being rougher, using quicker strokes and splashes of paint. After this I decided to leave Photoshop for now and try out drawing on paper, see if that works out better.


  1. This is an encouraging post, Alice - and I'm just wondering if maybe you need to put the graphics tablet away and get, um, a bit messier and old school if you want to get that Chilhuly feel?

  2. Hi Alice :)

    Just realised - I need to show the first Alien film to the first years on Tuesday afternoon - doh! Would you be able to bring me the film tomorrow/Tuesday morning? Cheers

    1. Sure thing, I will bring it back tomorrow! (: