Thursday, 10 October 2013

Glass Buildings in style of Chihuly

I'm just in a process of gathering peoples favourite artists and buildings and I thought I will start off with mine. Dave Chihuly is one of my favourite artists and defiantly number one sculptor. Its hard not to love Chihuly's beautiful glass forms. The organic shapes and neon colours all put together create extraordinary pieces of art that imitate an environment looking like from another world. I thought It would be interesting to adapt his creations and ask the question 'What is Chihuly were to design a famous tower'? 


To start adapting the artists and the buildings I had to do a few little studies of both, here are just few little painting that I have created to prepare myself (:

Fig. 1
Fig 2.

After this I wend ahead and experimented with combing the two, this is what I got so far...

 Fig. 3
Fig. 4

I must say that I'm very happy with Fig. 3, I think it makes a lot of sense and its very clear what building I adapted too. I will be experimenting with Chihuly's style a bit more for the next couple of days. 

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  1. Hey Alice :)

    It's very exciting to see you getting stuck in, but I would say that you might need to work a bit more from the 'inside out' as opposed to from the 'outside in'. What I mean is if Chilhuly was designing the Empire state building from scratch, I think it unlikely that he would satisfy himself by simply attaching his trade mark shapes to an otherwise rectangular building. It would be a Chilhuly building through-and-through, and while you need to ensure that it still functions as a clock and landmark, I think it would probably be a little wilder than your concept art suggests. I think you need to look at the sorts of drawings Chilhuly is making before he makes his objects because I think you should seek to be drawing in this way as you re-design Big Ben:

    Just as Emma has got under the skin of futurism to understand the rules of the aesthetic, I think you need to work against this project just being a 'dress up existing landmarks with the accessories of other artists' and instead seek to think like Chilhuly as you embark on the design of an architectural icon. You need to know 'why' the artists you're using think, see and make in the way that you do. Don't graft an aesthetic on to existing buildings - try instead to design like the artists in question.