Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maya Experiment: Coloured Glass

 I thought I would do a little Maya experiment, and think of how I can create a coloured realistic looking glass that could be used for adapting Chihuly's style.  I found this really useful tutorial on youtube, that helped me to achieve that. To make it look more interesting I modeled snail shell shapes. I think the outcome looks beautiful! :D

Here is the tutorial I used just in case anyone else would like to learn this.


  1. These are beautiful Alice!!

  2. I forgot to tell you how amazing these look earlier!! :)

  3. Thank you my lovely girls! (:

  4. I want to eat them - is that weird? BTW Alice, I live the idea of a Chilhuly 'what if?' Can't wait to see that! :)

  5. Hi Alice :)

    Could you complete a personal declaration form (available in the CGAA office) and give it to Campus Registry + your passport, so they can make a copy asap? I'm just chasing down a few student blanks before the trip can be signed off. If you've already done this, it might be that you're showing as a blank because the form you did fill out was somehow incomplete - if so, could you pop into Campus Registry and see what they're missing from you? Cheers!

    1. Thanks for a reminder Phil, I did it this morning! (: