Friday, 6 December 2013

Design Develpment

30 St' Mary Axe (The Gherkin), London

  • Height to top of dome: 179.8 m
  • Height to highest occupied floor level: 167.1 m
  • Number of floors above ground: 40
  • Number of basement levels: single basement across whole site
  • Largest floor external diameter (lvl 17): 56.15 m
  • Site area: 0.57 hectares (1.4 acres)
  • Net accommodations areas:
    • Office 46,450 m2
    • Retail 1,400 m2

  • The shape of the tower is influenced by the physical environment of the city.
  • The smooth flow of wind around the building was one of the main considerations.
  • A net office floor area within the building of around 500,000 ft2 (46,450 m2).
  • The enhancement of the public environment at street level, opening up new views across the site to the frontages of the adjacent buildings and allowing good access to and around the new development.
  • Minimum impact on the local wind environment.
  • Maximum use of public transport for the occupants of the building.
  • Flexibly serviced, high specification ‘user-friendly’ column free office spaces with maximum primary space adjacent to natural light.
  • Good physical and visual interconnectivity between floors.
  • Reduced energy consumption by use of natural ventilation whenever suitable, low fa├žade heat gain and smart building control systems. 




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